Holy Guacamole,
you are actually getting married.

Wedding Photographer based in Brooklyn.


Fun. Seamless. Comfortable.
You get to party, I get to WERK IT. *finger snaps*

Getting married to your best friend is the icing on the cake, but the cake is having a fricken party with epic photos to show for it- and that’s where my cake loving self comes in. Your backup singer to your wedding day & your #1 supporter as you headline the show. You'll have all of the photos that will hit ya right in the feels showing you having the time of your life. The candids of your guests getting wild, badass couple portraits, family portraits on point, Grandma letting lose on the dance floor, your wedding party looking fly AF- I got you. You'll feel comfortable, have someone on top of their shit, and not a worry your entire time with me.

You get my entire heart & soul, expertise, photo ninja skills & feeling comfortable.
You get someone who actually gives a damn- That’s me. Hands down.

You’ll be able to let down any ‘I’m awkward in front of a camera’ wall & just have a good time with all of your family and guests. True story.


I can't even begin to explain how amazing Stephanie is.

Besides being an incredibly talented photographer, which is obviously what you’re looking for when booking your wedding photographer, she is an amazing human being. Because of her fun spirit, laid back personality, and kind heart my husband and I were instantly at ease.
— Kelsey + Laser


You get to chill out, party your faces off, and get the photos of #allthethings.

steph zakas

I help you make your photography decision easy by giving you a seamless experience AND epic photos, how cool is that? From first email until you get your images, you’ll get someone who is on-point so you don’t have to be. Wedding days are super charged with emotions & you’ll need a calm presence to keep everything grounded. You get that from me, my expertise, & knowing what’s going to happen before it happens. Your grandma will be stoked when she see’s I’m already getting that shot of Great Aunt Sally holding the newest baby in the family. You’ll get badass couples portraits of you and your boo, Vogue-eque photos of your wedding party, your friends being WILD on the dance floor, the little looks you give your soulmate all day that only they understand. All those silly tiny moments you didn’t even know happened until you see your photos- you will get that.

I’m someone who just gets it, doesn’t get in your way, takes charge when needs to, & still manages to capture everything that happens.

You’ll never wonder where I’m at & always have quick communications. You will have someone who is always a few steps ahead of the game, someone who can guide you into making that perfect timeline, & someone who will give you the comfort in front of the camera. You will have someone who literally does whatever it takes to make sure you are feeling good & getting badass photos.


The steps to get started.


1-Schedule your consultation

We will have a quick 15-20min Skype date where we will discuss your dream wedding day then you will get a custom proposal once we are done chatting it up.

2-Reserve Your date with me

Select the custom package you want from your proposal then we are official AF.

3-Live your best life on your wedding day

You will feel all of the nerves and jitters and excitement on your wedding day. I will be there to capture it all, the good, the silly, and the weird.


4-Relive all of your feelings for forever

You will have your images to look back on and feel all the feels again.

From the start, I was nothing but confident that Stephanie was going to be a rockstar photographer.

She was upbeat, friendly, up for anything, professional.. the list goes on and on! She was so organized…that by the time she arrived on my big day, I trusted her implicitly. Not to mention that my photos are just absolutely stunning! They’re exactly the coloring/style I wanted (our rainy, foggy day was an excellent assistant), capture moments I barely even remembered but now get to gladly cherish, and really showcased our love for one another. I would recommend Stephanie over and over again, to anyone looking for a laid back, badass and truly talented photographer.”
— Brittany & Rob | Long Island