Holy Guacamole, you are actually getting married.

Brooklyn Wedding & Destination Photographer
NYC x World

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing Stephanie is. Besides being an incredibly talented photographer, which is obviously what you’re looking for when booking your wedding photographer, she is an amazing human being. Because of her fun spirit, laid back personality, and kind heart my husband and I were instantly at ease.
— Kelsey + Laser


You are getting married to your best friend,
your Jim to your Pam,
your NPH to your David.
Someone who might be a little weirder than you are.

You’re about to embark on one of the most amazing, fantastic, whirlwind experiences of your life. You are committing yourselves to each other and that is a huge deal. This is honestly one of the biggest decisions of your life, marriage isn't easy and planing a wedding is definitely not easy. It doesn't matter if you are planning the cutest-most-adorable intimate wedding at a brewery in Brooklyn with 50 guests. Or heading on down to City Hall on the 4/5/6 train with only the two of you.

But no matter where your wedding is going to be,
it still takes planning
and planning is hard.

Well babes, this is where I come in like a Knightess in effing armor.

Fun. Seamless. Comfortable. Whatever it takes.

Getting married to your love is the icing on the cake, but the cake is having the best experience you can possibly have for your wedding, and that’s where my cake loving self comes in. Working with me is like having a backup singer to your wedding, I am your #1 supporter and the one elevating your experience as you headline the show. I am not just your photographer, I am your guide for the day and I honestly do whatever it takes to give you a badass, fun, seamless, smooth time while letting your ‘I am awkward in front of a camera’ wall down.

I am an instant friend, someone who inherently gets you as I make you feel comfortable and confident. I am a laid back person who is a perfect mix of ‘go with the flow’, dad jokes, and ‘get shit done’. And as far as Brooklyn & NYC goes- I love all of the weird, whacky, and wild it has to offer.

I am going to give you a kickass experience as your Brooklyn Wedding Photographer & Destination Wedding Photographer.


The tea:
I am the perfect storm of ‘badass’ that meets ‘I actually do care about you.’

I have always been that type of person who paves my own way from the ground up. I have never been one to give in to the norms and have always had this deep rooted love of adventure and seeing new things. I do things my own way, which is why living in New York and getting to document humans from all walks of life that this city offers make me feel so fricken lucky. I get to not only make my living from documenting humans living their best life in really unique places the city and world offers, but documenting these humans who are having their weddings with their personalities tossed in them and are doing their day how they want it.

You can hear me say, and see me post, how I legit feel like I have the best job ever. BECAUSE IT’S TRUE.

Brooklyn bathtub Williamsburg

I get to help couples make their dream wedding by helping them make their photography decision easy. I use my born gift of wanting to help people paired with my natural artistic abilities that just can’t be taught. I have a seamless, easy, experience from first email through image delivery. I have mastered my process for you to make you not have to worry about anything. I bring the fun, the energy, the excitement when the light is hitting the buildings just right, and one too many dad jokes.

I will hold your dress up when you need to pee, I will show you how to walk around the streets without getting your dress dirty, I will help you with your wedding vendors if needed, with creating your photography timeline, I will literally do whatever it takes to make the day of easier on you with no stress or pressure. I have been told I am a photo ninja because I am always where I need to be, three steps ahead of everything. If I need to take my boots of and get into a tub to get that perfect shot of your dress, I will. If you need a scapegoat to go be alone in the back because crazy Aunt Sally is being too wild, I will be your scapegoat an take you to the back.

I will probably try to talk you into ordering pizza or having all-you-can-eat soup after your wedding with me.

London wedding photographer

“Steph is literally the BEST photographer that you could wish for.

She made everything so easy in the run up, on the day and afterwards and having her there as part of our day meant the world to us! She has great suggestions, rolls with whats's going on but also steps in when time is running away (which is what you need on such a hectic day) and her excellent sense of humour makes her a delight to be around. She somehow manages to sneak around without you realising she's there to get the most amazing shots. Could not recommend Steph enough!”

- Flo & Matt | Intimate Wedding in London, UK

Brooklyn wedding photographer

“From to start to finish, Stephanie was extremely professional, artistic, creative, and amicable.

She made the whole process, from preparing our time line to the day of the wedding, easy. Her calm and quick thinking demeanor helped our wedding move along smoothly. A second shooter, was a great addition; they were a wonderful team. We are SO HAPPY we chose Stephanie to shoot our special day.”

- Elizabeth & Andy | Intimate Wedding in Manhattan

I give your story justice by not missing any of those ‘in between’ moments.

Based in Brooklyn. Will travel anywhere you want me. Bags are packed.


The steps to get started.

I really, honestly, want to help you. I might be a badass behind a camera but I also am so much more than that. I am not a new-kid-on-the-block ( #NKOTB4ever). I have a lot of experience and guidance to offer you. I know how stressy this process can be and I want to eliminate that to the best of my ability. I have worked SUPER hard on creating a client experience that is smooth sailing the entire way. You will never have to wonder where I went, always get my speedy responses, my planning guides, and my uncanny ability to make the most awkward humans just have fun.


1-Schedule your consultation

We will either email or jump on a Skype date and talk about your dream day. I want to know who you two are, what makes your fires burn, and what your dream wedding will feel like. I will go over your ideal timeline to help you figure out what the eff you even need for photography coverage. I will then send you a custom package proposal to fit in what you told me you need.

2-Reserve Your date with me

Once you have picked the option you want, you will reserve your date with me, then the party can start. You will get some tips & tricks goodies from me, help constructing your final timeline, style & location help for your engagement session, and me in your back pocket.

3-Live your best life on your wedding day

You will feel all of the nerves and jitters and excitement on your wedding day. I will be there to capture it all, the good, the silly, and the weird.


4-Relive all of your feelings for forever

After your wedding, you will have your images to look back on and feel all the feels again. You will laugh and cry at the ridiculous things your parents did, or your best friend, or your boo did. You will have these photos to memorialize the #bestdayever.

From the start, I was nothing but confident that Stephanie was going to be a rockstar photographer. She was upbeat, friendly, up for anything, professional.. the list goes on and on! She was so organized…that by the time she arrived on my big day, I trusted her implicitly. Not to mention that my photos are just absolutely stunning! They’re exactly the coloring/style I wanted (our rainy, foggy day was an excellent assistant), capture moments I barely even remembered but now get to gladly cherish, and really showcased our love for one another. I would recommend Stephanie over and over again, to anyone looking for a laid back, badass and truly talented photographer.”
— Brittany & Rob | Long Island