Brooklyn Wedding in Bushwick at the Bat Haus | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

Brooklyn Wedding in Bushwick at the Bat Haus | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

Check it out! This wedding was featured on Rangefinder Magazine Online as ‘Wedding of the Week’, and also in Rangefinder Magazine in their Print Issue as the ‘Wedding of the Month’ feature!

Brooklyn wedding bushwick

This wedding at the Bat Haus in Bushwick, Brooklyn was almost like it was straight out of a Wes Anderson film. Kate and Trevor decided to have an intimate wedding and even get ready together. I love when my couples get ready together, I know it breaks tradition, but there is something really intimate about being together during this part of the day and sharing the nerves and comforting each other. We started in Williamsburg at The Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklynl. We basically laughed a bunch and talked about music while I had a camera in my hand and just so happened to also be taking photos.

We walked around the Williamsburg, Brooklyn waterfront for a bit, sweated a bit, and talked about how excited they were for the day to get going and meet their families. Most of Kate’s family came in from England, where she is from. She was excited to show them around and I was excited to meet them. I had shot a wedding in London only a short bit before the wedding and fell in love, so I was excited to hang out with some more Brits. After we played around the waterfront a bit we jumped in a cab and made our way to the venue in Bushwick.

Their Bushwick, Brooklyn Wedding was totally laid back and totally adorable.

Once we got the venue I was loving all of the thoughtful details they had planned out. They had a great use of foliage and dried flowers, like her bouquet which was dried! Everyone chatted with each other since it was small and intimate before the ceremony started. One thing they did which I LOVED would like to see more of is the set up was a mini-half moon around them. Everyone stood, there were no chairs, and the surrounded the couple with their love. I loved being in the middle of it versus the only one standing in front of a big crowd. I felt everyones energy and happiness. When it came time to sign the paperwork, her mom had left it outside and dashed out while everyone laughed and Kate and Trevor just stood there giggling. As her mom ran back inside she saw me taking photos and said “Nooo! Don’t get this!”, which I laughed and responded “But I am a documentarian!” and everyone laughed together.

The rest of the night was a few very heart wrenching, amazing speeches and a TON of laughing. It was really special because Kate and Trevor made it as they wanted it. They cut their cake full of sparkles, took some fun photos in the Photo Booth, and danced the night away.

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Venue: Bat Haus, Brooklyn
Coordinator: LivingLovingLife 
DJ: David Medina
Florist: The Flower Patch
Cake: Sweethaus
Caterer: Kitchen at Cobble Hill

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