Intimate Wedding at MyMoon Williamsburg, Brooklyn | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

Intimate Wedding at MyMoon Williamsburg, Brooklyn | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

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When you think of the 'perfect day', this wedding is really what should come to mind. Olivia and Niall had an intimate, outdoor wedding in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at MyMoon. The weather was perfect, the couple was infatuated and in love with each other, everyone there witnessing them joining their lives together were all so happy to be there. It was a blending of cultures, she is American and he is from Ireland. It was absolutely perfect. 

Olivia got ready at her grandmothers house in Brooklyn, which as a photographer blew me away. It is so rare to have an entire house to yourself still, a house she has had for generations. All of the tiny details around the house made it feel like a dollhouse. Her grandmother even built the big book shelf that spanned an entire wall, including over a doorway, by hand. I felt honored to be in that house, it was a part of New York history that is still alive. Olivia is a music teacher and all of the people on her side of the wedding party come from the same music world. There was so much singing and dancing while she got ready. At one point her Man of Honor broke out playing the piano, a long everyone knew how to sing, and so they did. It is moments like that which are why I love what I get to do. 

I met Niall and his guys, who were mostly from Ireland, in a pub next to the venue. They had some drinks, and a ton of laughs, before we made our way to one of my favorite venues in Brooklyn- MyMoon. The guests started making their way, you could feel the energy in the air. Their ceremony was short and sweet, with lots of tears from everyone. Afterwards, the guests signed the guestbook, which is probably the coolest guestbook I have ever seen. They danced to the vintage band, ate the wonderful food, stuffed their faces full of cupcakes, and ended the night at another pub. It was perfect and I am so thankful they picked me to document it. 

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