Stylish Intimate Brooklyn Wedding at MyMoon | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

Stylish Intimate Brooklyn Wedding at MyMoon | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

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Alright friends, get ready to see a super stylish, pretty, fun Brooklyn Wedding at MyMoon Restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

This wedding with Hanna & Eyal was just the bees knees the entire time. The love these two have for each other and their chill, fun, down for whatever personalities was just the icing on the (wedding) cake. I was so stoked when they found me and picked me to be their photographer because I KNEW we would have a great time.

We started the day at a super chic Airbnb in Williamsburg. I love when couples book a stylish Airbnb for the getting ready portion of the day, there are so many benefits. Usually the Airbnb’s are styled with really cool little details that hotels just don’t have. There is always a little bit more thought which really, really translates well in photos. The more cute details there are, the more I have to work with to style your photos with! Also, airbnb’s have more space than a hotel room, even if you get the Suite. They feel more comfy and less sterile than a hotel room would, so I suggest thinking about this if you are still unsure how to start the day.

Hanna & Eyal got ready in the same house, Hanna and her crew taking the top floor and Eyal and his crew taking the bottom floor. They got ready with a WHOLE lot of laughs happening on both floors. As Hanna got into her dress with her mom by her side, her wedding party waited at the stairs patiently like little kids waiting on a present. It was ADORABLE.

We went for the First Look on the streets of Brooklyn and I am SO glad we did that versus in the backyard. As I set up Eyal and headed over to Hanna to get her ready and around the corner of the building, a random man sat down and started playing the piano that was sitting in the road. Because of course there was a random piano in the road because, Brooklyn. After the First Look, they decided to walk over to the painoman and ask him if they could have a little dance together. The moment was super intimate and adorable and JUST for the two of them. It was one of my favorite moments of the year. It was so random and so fun.

After they danced, we adventured around the neighborhood with the wedding party, taking some Vanity Fair-esque photos which as a creative I love doing. I am so into doing the alternative, non-traditional boring wedding party photos whenever I get the chance and whenever I have a wedding with a Wedding Party. We made it to MyMoon and got the show on the road, after Hanna had her ladies help her with her veil that did not want to stay. The ceremony was beautiful, the reception was a lot of dancing and a lot of laughs, lots of food, and just a really really great night. He picked her up during their First Dance and it was just a great symbol of how silly and fun this couple is. I had SUCH and awesome time documenting this day and check out all of the things Hanna & Eyal had to say about their experience.

Stylish Intimate Brooklyn Wedding at MyMoon | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

  • What did you love most about working with Zakas Photography?
    Your easy going and calm vibe made it a fun day, photos werent a painful experience but part of the fun with everyone. You were always flexible to changes and made the best of every situation.

  • How did you personalize your wedding? What about your wedding was most unique?
    We wanted to keep the wedding very local, almost every single detail came from our small Williamsburg neighborhood which made it all feel warm and close. I loved the industrial feel of MyMoon and paired it with some sparkle because that’s just who I am. We got married on the first day of Fall so we embraced the warm Fall tones and colors which also paired well with the venue. We had a few items from our grandparents at the venue including heirloom silver candlesticks which made us feel like they were with us from above. Our friends and family flew in from all around the world, it was amazing to have people from Paris, London, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama and across the US in one place for a very international global celebration. We handmade our chuppah canopy with the help of our local hardware store, I’m hoping to make something out of the beautiful fabric soon. We had all our friends and family participate in the ceremony, and even had a singing portion by our two talented cousins. From the ceremony to the party it all felt very us, it wasn’t meant to show off or go over the top, it was a symbol of our love for each other and everyone who joined us. Beautiful, simple with a splash of glam!

  • Anything you would have done differently?
    Not a thing, it was a perfect day. I wish we could do it over again.

  • What details are you most proud of?
    I worked with a young local florist, she completely got my style and I was beyond happy with the flowers. I was surprised all the details I planned from the chuppah to the sweetheart table and dessert table came together so beautifully. Sometimes you plan things separately and you don’t know how it will look when everything is done, it came out so much more beautiful than I ever imagined. That cake made me so happy!

  • What particular moment of your day will you remember most?
    The ceremony felt like a big hug. The way the chairs were placed and standing next to everyone we love, it felt like a giant embrace of our coming together. We also had a lot of fun getting ready with our friends, the house we rented was exactly what I wanted: everyone having a party in one place while Eyal and I avoided each other ahead of our first look.

  • Best advice for another couple?
    Don’t try to impress people, do it for you. Make it your own and do what makes you happy. It’s easy to get caught up in the details, what matters is the love and actually getting married to your special person.

  • What was the biggest surprise of your wedding day?
    That giant challah! The biggest surprise was how well all our groups of friends and family came together, it was so nice seeing our different groups mingle and get to know each other. We created a new community and it was so nice. I think we both surprised each other with amazing heartfelt vows which I’m happy we kept.

  • Anything else you'd like to add?
    I think when you work with vendors who get you, there’s no need to go crazy with planning or micro managing details. We found vendors who understood our vision and were extremely easy to work with, everything came together perfectly!

Venue: Mymoon
Hair: Saint Rose
Dress: Alexandra Grecco from Lovely Bride NYC
Florals: Pixel Poppy
Baker: Fortunato Bakery
Caligraphy: PennedandProper

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