I’m one of those people who has a lot of wild stories, likes a good laugh, and is really into pastries.

Im a one of those people that has a lot of stories. I'm a Brooklyn Intimate Wedding Photographer for couples who think outside of the box. I also live part time in Iceland and will definitely talk to you about Iceland.

I am more than just a photographer. I am your friend with a camera with a badass business to help you.
I will hold your bouquet when you hike up your dress to climb up some stairs, I will help you put on that double sided sticky tape, and I will help you when your bowtie starts looking a bit wasted. You will get all of my heart and soul. You will feel comfortable and realize bing in front of a camera is no big deal.

I travel like it’s my job (wait, it is), watch too many TrueCrime documentaries, drink as much coffee a day as their is blood in my veins, and literally toss my entire being into my company & my clients. You won’t get someone who cares more than I do, it’s a fact.

Steph zakas

I hike in my Vans & do things my own way.

I feel so fricken lucky that I get to document humans who are doing their day how they want itBringing the fun, energy, & sneakiness to make people eventually forget I am there to get the realness that happens. Including all of those butt-grabs you try to be incognito abut.

I was raised in the US Midwest so I have the need for nature engrained into my bones. But, you can find me on the couch with Netflix & snacks as often as I can. I am the cat lady and I will want to see photos of your pets. I have been called a ‘badass’ more often than not, I play roller derby and have always been outside the box. You will just get a down-to-earth, make you feel comfortable, not afraid of dirty jokes, person who loves loves what they do and seriously wants you to have the absolute best possible time you can have.