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Thanks for hitting that submit button! I have received your inquiry and will do my absolute best to respond within 24hrs! Sometimes when I am on a plane I can’t get service, you know how it is. ;)


If you do not hear from me within that time PLEASE email me at info@zakasphotography.com because sometimes technology fails us all.

Yasssss Kweeeeen!

BOOM! What to expect from here:

  1. You will get my email back and my legit excitement to hear about your wedding day.

  2. We will schedule your consult with me so I can hear all the tea.

  3. After chatting and me knowing what you want and are dreaming of, I will send you your tailor made Wedding Packages.

  4. Select the custom package you want on your fancy AF proposal you got from me.

  5. Sign the contract and pay the 50% date retainer of your total invoice. Then we are OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL. Like, FB official.

  6. Start getting all of my help, guidance, suggestions, Preferred Vendors if ya need, schedule your engagement session, and all my sweet jokes.

In the meantime…

You are going to be with me for a few months before your wedding and many hours the day of your wedding. I’ve been told that I make people look like they are on the cover of a Romance Novel (hello, Fabio!) and that is basically the coolest compliment ever. If you haven’t yet, head on over to my Real Weddings blog, Facebook, and Instagram to see more.

BONUS! Make yourself an entire Pinterest board of your favorite images of mine so I can see what you dig when we chat!

DOUBLE BONUS! If you don’t want to do any of the things above, call this number, (It’s free), and have a mini dance party. You’ll thank me later.



Talk to you soon!!