Hello. It’s me.

Wedding Photographer based in Brooklyn.


I’m one of those people who has a lot of wild stories, likes a good laugh, and is really into pastries.

Im a one of those people that has a lot of stories. I'm a Brooklyn Intimate Wedding Photographer for couples who think outside of the box. I also live part time in Iceland and will definitely talk to you about Iceland.

I am more than just a photographer. I am your friend with a camera with a badass business to help you.
I will hold your bouquet when you hike up your dress to climb up some stairs, I will help you put on that double sided sticky tape, and I will help you when your bowtie starts looking a bit wasted. You will get all of my heart and soul. You will feel comfortable and realize bing in front of a camera is no big deal.

I travel like it’s my job (wait, it is), watch too many TrueCrime documentaries, drink as much coffee a day as their is blood in my veins, and literally toss my entire being into my company & my clients. You won’t get someone who cares more than I do, it’s a fact.

Steph zakas

I hike in my Vans & do things my own way.

I feel so fricken lucky that I get to document humans who are doing their day how they want itBringing the fun, energy, & sneakiness to make people eventually forget I am there to get the realness that happens. Including all of those butt-grabs you try to be incognito abut.

I was raised in the US Midwest so I have the need for nature engrained into my bones. But, you can find me on the couch with Netflix & snacks as often as I can. I am the cat lady and I will want to see photos of your pets. I have been called a ‘badass’ more often than not, I play roller derby and have always been outside the box. You will just get a down-to-earth, make you feel comfortable, not afraid of dirty jokes, person who loves loves what they do and seriously wants you to have the absolute best possible time you can have.

I have been published in these amazing places with more on the way #humblebrag ⤵

* Rangefinder's Wedding of the Week (x2)
* Rangefinder’s Wedding of the Month - Nov. Print Issue
* Rock N Roll Bride (x2) Print & Blog
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* Junebug Photobug Feature (x’s a lot)
* JpegMini Blog
* F-Stoppers Photographer Feature
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and more coming soon I can’t talk about yet….shhhh.

Stephanie was such a fantastic photographer.

She did our engagement pics and our wedding pics. From the getgo she was extremely professional, her communication skills were ON POINT. She always answered any questions or concerns right away. As a photographer, her eye for the most amazing shots ever is a thing of beauty. She was very unobtrusive and seemingly was everywhere all at once. I love love love her sense of humor, she’s just so super fun and laid back. Seriously. You need to stop looking at other photographers and BOOK HER. You can thank me later when you get your fantastic photos.
— Holly + Kate